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Our Fees

Each engagement at which we perform is unique and therefore we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements regarding timings and fees.  Our fees below are based on a three hour session.  

Weekends (Fridays - Sundays)                                               

£630.00 for engagements within Sussex/Surrey/London.

Midweek (Mondays - Thursday)                                               

From £580.00 for engagements within Sussex/Surrey/London.


A non-returnable deposit is required for all engagements upon confirmation of booking.  Midweek - £160.00/Weekends £180.00


Depending on timings of later engagements that day, we can agree to extend our booking on the day.  Overtime is charged at £80.00 per half hour.  


We will add a modest charge for travel for engagements outside Sussex.


We can provide a gazebo for venues where there is no cover from sunlight or rain.  We charge £20.00 should this be necessary.

Music Arrangements                                                               

Should you wish for us to play a piece which is not included in our repertoire we would be happy to arrange it for you.

Rates are available on request. Hymn tunes are arranged free of charge.

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