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Below is a selection of questions we have been asked.  Many of the questions we receive are specifically related to wedding engagements.  Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else you would like to know or if you wish us to expand upon the points raised on this page.

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"Does the Sussex String Quartet only play in Sussex?"

We have played extensively throughout Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Greater London. However, we frequently travel much further afield and have performed as far away as Scotland and Ireland.  Reasonable travel expenses are charged for engagements outside Sussex, Surrey and London.

"Can you play a specific piece of music not on your repertoire list?"

We frequently arrange specifically requested pieces and are pleased to add to our repertoire in this way on an ongoing basis. In the event of a more complex arrangement we might make a small charge.

"Will you require anything at the venue?"

The Sussex String Quartet requires a minimum performing space of 2m x 3m; chairs without arms, and adequate lighting. We do have individual stand lights if required, provided free of charge. Should we be playing outside at any stage we will require shade from strong sunlight and shelter from rain. Unfortunately even a couple a spots of rain will stop us playing owing to potential damage to the instruments.  We are however able to provide and erect our own gazebo (click here to view) for a small charge.

"Do you take a break during the time you are booked for?"

We take two 15 minute breaks during a three hour session. Often these can be taken at convenient times such as at the end of a ceremony or whilst group photographs are being taken.

"Do you have a demonstration CD?"

We do not generally send out CDs. If you wish to hear us please click here.

"How much is it to book the Sussex String Quartet?"

Our minimum fee is £580.00 for a weekend booking. However, special rates can be negotiated at quieter times i.e. at certain times of the year and midweek. See our fees for more information.

"Can you work with/provide other musicians?"

We often work at weddings with singers, organists and choirs. We have performed works such as Handel's "Zadok the Priest" and excerpts from Vivaldi's "Gloria" or Handel's "Messiah" at church weddings.  We have augmented the Quartet on occasions to provide a small orchestra.  We have also accompanied choral societies in small scale baroque and classical works.

"After our ceremony we would like you to play at our reception venue. Is this possible?" 


We regularly play at two, or more, venues for the same engagement.  Should this be the case on your wedding day please contact us. We will be able to advise on timings and logistics.

"At what time will you arrive at our venue on the date of our event?"

Martin, or one of the other members of the quartet will arrive in very good time in order to liaise with Clergy/Registrar/Toastmaster/Venue Manager. The others will arrive and be set up ready to play at the given time.

"What happens if our event starts late or overruns?"

Occasionally timings do not go to plan. In the event of this we are more than happy to continue beyond our agreed time, given that we do not have another engagement to go on to (this would be extremely rare). Our overtime rate is £60.00 per half hour.

"How do we go about booking you?"


Please contact us. Once your details have been discussed and finalised we will send out two Agreement of Engagement forms (our sample contract can be seen here). Please sign both and return one in the self-addressed envelope we provide.

"What happens if a member of the quartet is ill on the day of our booking?"

Occasionally members of the quartet are unable to work through illness. In the event that one of our members is unable to play we do have a small pool of regular players to call upon.  Please note; the Sussex String Quartet will never have two quartets performing at the same time.  We mention this because it is common practice for string quartets to take on as much work as possible and then distribute it between assorted players.  At the Sussex String Quartet we believe in being honest about who we are and the service we provide.


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